Bulgarian wilderness

I have kinda skipped out on writing here for almost two years, forgetting that this space serves a purpose. And that is to remind me of who I am when I am lost.… Continue reading

Aloha is when your heart expands to the size of the ocean

Hawaii is of course a woman. An island woman. Made out of water and salt, breeze and sunshine. A woman that surfs the waves and tames the dolphins. A woman that creates life.… Continue reading

The Kurak of my Life leads me to Les Eyzies-de-Tayac.

I was the first female in my extended family to travel far abroad, precisely to the United States of America. At the age of 17. And my extended family is about 200 people,… Continue reading

Nukus: The king and his kingdom

We reach Nukus when sun is setting, off the small plane, walking straight through the airplane parking. Breezing the salty air in, taking in the flat horizon. Only desert knows how to hug… Continue reading

A day with Samarkand.

I get to Samarkand three years late. To stand in the middle of Registan and make a wish, to look up the golden dome of Gur-Emir and to wonder reading inscribed in Arabic:… Continue reading

Things I have learned from horse riding

My obsession with horses is known to all, who knows me at least a little . Kyrgyz often grow up hearing that “Horses are human’s wings”, “best friend”, “soulmate” and most of us… Continue reading

Where wild flowers grow

Most of the times I enjoy variety and diversity of people, surrounding me. But then there are times when I crave to be around of my own kind. The wild souls. The outsiders,… Continue reading

On kindness, Baltimore and Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has passed away yesterday. I have celebrated by listening to his songs for an entire day. Yes, celebrated is the right word. In his last interview to New Yorker after his… Continue reading

NYC date. With myself.

  Ten years ago, I first traveled to the US as an exchange student. It ¬†was also the fist time I have ever been abroad . For the entire year. That year I… Continue reading

Coming home…to myself

To get from one place to another you need to move. And moving takes courage. Always. It’s much safer to stay in one place and live by familiar rules. But then, you never… Continue reading