Take me back to Barcelona

It’s okay to be lost, moreover living a life is about getting and being lost. But it’s not so easy to remember it. Really. So there are days, when I feel tired and… Continue reading

Choking on happiness in London

Meeting the one you love, after long- time-no- see is always a test. A test for how true, stable and worthy the feelings are. It’s always a test for how true you or… Continue reading

Guest post: Moscow is a witch

Moscow is probably the place I have avoided most in my life. The thing about it that I love Russian culture, Russian literature, Russian language, well Russian anything basically. But Moscow and all… Continue reading

Have yourself a merry little Christmas !

Christmas is my favorite season. No exaggeration. You can tell me as much as you want about the commercialization of the purer idea and all those crazy shoppers floating shopping streets and malls… Continue reading

The Different Prague

This guest post is unusual.  It’s not about the city I don’t know.  I have been to Prague. I just did not have a decent camera with me, hence did not take any… Continue reading

Uncovering mysteries of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is told to be one of the most haunted cities on the Earth, but not when you arrive in the middle of two large comedy, music, arts and book festivals; during which… Continue reading

“Little wild one”: My Kyrgyzstan

I am sitting in a small suburban airport of London, flying off to Kyrgyzstan.  It’s been a long day and a long night; good-byes waived, hopes raised, dreams shared, dear friends and some… Continue reading

Guest post: Seville as a beautiful sad-happy woman

I don’t know much about Flamenco. I have watched flamenco shows few times; each time left me bewildered and not understanding what musicians  and dancers try to express and what sadly lingers in such a beautiful dance… Continue reading

To London and its people

Today once again I was asked, why do I love London so much… I can’t really give a short and elaborate answer, there are too many things I love it for: its character, its views, its… Continue reading

Everything is alright in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous rather for vicious reasons than for its virtues, but that is not how it feels there at all. On the contrary you suddenly find yourself entangled in a very relaxed… Continue reading