Things I have learned from horse riding

14022120_904061846365479_1698947170022291252_nMy obsession with horses is known to all, who knows me at least a little . Kyrgyz often grow up hearing that “Horses are human’s wings”, “best friend”, “soulmate” and most of us if we have family in rural areas learn to horse ride. Or rather put on a horse, so we learn to ride it. You are never really told what you should do and should not on  a horse. So I was taken by surprise, when I finally two years ago walked into a horse riding school. It was totally different: a systematic teaching on how to saddle the horse, ride it and take care of it. So learn I did. In this post I am sharing few insights I gained during those lessons and my collections of desktop backgrounds. All of which are horses.

Lesson 1. To keep the balance you need to be neither too tense, nor too lose.


Lesson 2. To feel doesn’t mean to see. Sometimes seeing prevents you from feeling the obstacles. 


Lesson 3. To move forward safely and surely you need to see afar perspective. 


Lesson 4: Sometimes you do better with your brain turned off , because you don’t focus on how to do things, but instead focus on doing them 


Lesson 5: Fear goes away when you start doing what you fear


Lesson 6: The more you learn , the less you know. 


Lesson 7: The best things do not come easily 


Lesson 8: The ultimate goal is always joy