“I am inspired by where I have been”

Travelling is not just about exploring a new place; it is also about exploring yourself.  When traveling you encounter, discover and challenge the ideas you have formed both about the world and yourself.… Continue reading

Making Magic in Uzbekistan

Expectations management.  Something I have been learning to do since I have entered adulthood.  A lot of it was about exploring myself and the world around me,  it was about learning to know… Continue reading

Guest post: Thailand quest

I know nothing about Thailand , but somehow it’s on my radar lately. One friend is going there for a year, another friend wants to get married there, another one just got back… Continue reading

The summer and science of loving in Kyrgyzstan

There is a beautiful quote that says all there is to say about the science of love: “One day you will learn how to give and receive love like an open window and… Continue reading

To Venice and the art of “la dolce vita”. Mastered

Venice is her; I knew that immediately as I took off the train coming from Bologna. She looked at me closely; squinting her eyes a little under the bright morning sun, examined me… Continue reading

Discovering People: Up-Close.

We travel to discover, to explore and to learn. We travel to locations, to destinations and to people.  And perhaps out of these three, people have taught me most about myself. No matter… Continue reading

Discovering what comes after sun goes down

If you have ever watched a sunset in your life, you should know that feeling of  beautiful sadness and overwhelming awe that takes over your whole being.  The sadness of the feeling when… Continue reading

“Easy silence” at Issyk-Kul

“I come to find the refugee in the easy silence that you make for me” that’s all there is to say about my weekend away at Issyk-Kul’s shore. For those of you, who… Continue reading

Guest post: “Alexandria My Love, Alexandria My Hate”

Alexandira is definetely a destination, but it’s one of those destination that feel little unreal. Non-existent, even more. There are way  too many historical references to it, for it to be real. Alexander the great,… Continue reading

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”. In Moscow.

Camus said with his quote about “invincible summer” more about my trip to Moscow than I ever will. Cheers to him and cheers to the Moscow, people~! I spent only a day in… Continue reading