The fragments of my identity

I believe any journey is a journey within. Especially those that take us back to the roots and those that gift us the wings. I rarely write about my life in this blog,… Continue reading

Leyla Khalouni. The wildflower

Sometimes you travel to see things, sometimes you travel to find answers, sometimes you travel know people. And sometimes you travel to strangers’ house to learn most about Egyptian cuisine, to sit in… Continue reading

If Alexandria were a boy or a girl…

When I just started blogging, I would go to places and try to envision them as human beings, the more details, the better. Sometimes, these people were totally imaginary, sometimes they were real.… Continue reading

Nurturing freedom in Cairo

There are people we have loved from before we remember. Longer, than always. Cairo is like that. It’s a place I have loved may be centuries ago. If that is feasible. It’s a… Continue reading

Soundtrack to Brussels

There is a singer with a soft, yet powerful voice, difficult destiny, poor eyesight and big heart. She writes music, as she breezes, every note touching the most sensitive parts of your soul.… Continue reading

Tasting eternity at Soh-Kol

My travel partners find me random. Because while travelling, I pull out my notebook, or phone and start making notes, as if I am losing my ability to write words. This is how… Continue reading

The becoming

Life is a process of continuous becoming. We are doomed the day we think we are a finished product. If we are lucky, on the journey of becoming, ¬†we find places, which mark… Continue reading

The art of wandering

There are people who go to travel to see things. You know, the Eifel Tower, the Luvre, the pyramids. And then there are those who wander. I like the wanderers. Because if you… Continue reading

On off-travel life

Today I will share a secret. The one most travellers know already. The biggest joy of travelling is not in travelling, it’s in reflecting. In savouring the unfamiliar new tastes and sensations once… Continue reading

Pilgrimage to Buratia

Once a year go to a place , you have never been to Ghandi said. So I did. This year it is Buratia, Eastern Russia. Being part of the Russian Federation , indigenous… Continue reading