Guest post: Illusions and legends born in Cairo

Cairo never was on my “to go” list.  With its pyramids, Alexandria and sandy beaches;  popular among new-Russians it seemeed too cliche to even get on my list. There were already too many tourists choosing… Continue reading

Surreal Brussels

If I had to put a Facebook status for my relationship with Brussels it would be “it’s complicated”. It really is complicated; there is something in it that I can’t find anywhere else,… Continue reading

Faces of Istanbul

Most of the people I ask to write guest posts for my blog tell me that at first they find it challenging to envision cities as people. Not me. Each city introduces itself to… Continue reading

Guest post: Bishkek springs Lush

It’s friday evening. As a weekend apporaching and I haven’t seen much besides my computer for most of the week, I genuinely wish only about one thing. To get on a plane and… Continue reading

Falling for London

London is my Mr. Big, the kind of crash you never really get over. Every time I come back to it, my heart almost jumps out of my chest and I barely breathe;… Continue reading

Guest post: Looking at Damascus Through the Looking Glass

Over the past year Syria has become the country about which I hear most in the news. Not for the best reasons. So, every time I hear about what is going on there, I realize how… Continue reading

Obsession with Istanbul

It took me long time to get to Istanbul; I flew back and forth through it and every time I would glimpse at the city from the airport window and wonder  when I am… Continue reading

Love is all around in Cinque Terre

 There are two phrases I have heard about Cinque Terre, which probably describe my feelings for it better than anything. “So places like this actually exist…”  one of my friends said, while she was… Continue reading

Learning from Paris

Every time I go travelling to a new city, I like to to play a game with my friends, when you have to describe a new city as a person: age, sex, character, habits, behavior and… Continue reading