Coming home…to myself

img_8438To get from one place to another you need to move. And moving takes courage. Always. It’s much safer to stay in one place and live by familiar rules. But then, you never learn the vividness and wildness of this planet and this life. You never find out that sun sits later in Western Hemisphere, where sunsets linger for hours, while in the East it is  only five minutes before the sun is behind the mountains and darkness hugs in the ground. You never learn that Greeks curl up they upper lips and that Russian word for a doll stands for a Greek word for beautiful. You also never know what it is like to miss a place that is not your home or what it is like to have many homes at once.

So moving means learning. All the time. It also means gaining and losing. Continuously. It means learning being blue, being homesick and heartbroken.Insight out. Every time you have to leave a place that became your home, friends that became your tribe. Travelling is like ongoing lesson of separation. Non-attachment in practice. You leave favourite places, favourite people and favourite things behind. All the time. And sometimes you leave yourself behind too.

Not not like in films about teleport, or time travel, you actually are in one place, but bits of you inside are missing. They stay behind with some people, places or things. And you miss them, you miss the person you were, just as much as the person you were with. And then one day, something happens and that part of you for which you have been homesick gets back. To yourself.

This is when magic happens. You are suddenly whole again. All pieces of yourself intact with each other and every stranger is a friend. Life is kind and the Universe is your fairy god mother. So you dance. Next to the salty lake that is the best symbol of home for you, you dance for your heart. You dance for your home. You dance for the next move, before you hit the road. Again.

Forever grateful to be lost and found again. Welcome, Self!

P.S. All images are taken in beautiful Kyrgyzstan and are copyright of PandaDiscovers.