Some lessons on healing from Istanbul

There are times when we need healing. And there are times , when we discover that we need more healing. Well, essentially, we always need more healing, when we arrive to a point… Continue reading

Searching for Buddha in Tadjikistan

“Buddhists say “every person can become a Buddha”. And when they say so, they don’t mean a historical or a religious figure. They mean anyone can be enlightened. This idea is both empowering… Continue reading

Guest post: On belonging and Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan’s population is 5.2 mln. Within these group of people there are more than 30 ethnic groups. Today we are celebrating Orthodox Christmas. And yes, it’s a bank holiday. We also celebrate Eid.… Continue reading

The Humans. And New York

If I were to describe my trip to New York with one word that would be: overwhelming. The skyscrapers, the subway, the people, the speed and the smells. Gosh, New York is smelly;… Continue reading

San Francisco : Where wild things roam

Never city’s image stood so clear before me as in San-Francisco. As I rode a bus looking out for the Golden Gate Bridge, as I drank coffee at the local сafe, as I… Continue reading

The magical land of White Lions

Its been two months since my trip to South Africa and after being thrown back into daily routine of urgent calls, important appointments and all the pleasures of hectic city life, I finally… Continue reading

Imperfect Paris

There is probably no other city in the world with as many myths as Paris.  I mean, Paris itself is a myth. At least in my world, where I grew up reading Dumas’… Continue reading

Freeing Istanbul

It’s been over a year since I first discovered Istanbul’s exquisite ability to free. And since then I have become obsessed with its sea-full nature, with its busy streets, with its hilly views,… Continue reading

I will see you soon, London!

When you are blessed with a chance to go and to live in other places, you are also cursed to never be complete again; leaving a piece of your heart elsewhere. I left… Continue reading

Closing and opening doors in Brussels

My list of favorite things about Brussels is way too long. Being the first European city I have ever visited, I have learned it inside out. My Brussels is about  Christmas markets, Elvis… Continue reading