Mykonos teaches happiness is simple

IMG_6616Mykonos teaches happiness is simple

Life is like the sea

Learn how to tread water

And swim

Can you imagine?

God has invented every possible

Shade of the blue…

She is 16, an island girl. Her world is made up of blue and white. She is adored and envied by many. Her eyes are as deep as the sea. They change their shade from light grey to turquoise blue depending on her mood. Her lips are color of pre-sunset pink mixed with soft yellow of the setting sun. Her hair is flowing and soft. Her heart is big and her dreams are even bigger. She is in love. With life, of course. She sits by the sea, as her friends are fooling around the volleyball court, closes her eyes and listens to the waves. Soon she is leaving this town, her family, her high-school sweetheart, her best friends. She feels like a ship on the night before taking off to the world cruise. Excited and afraid at the same time, thrilled with the vastness of the sea and afraid of the depth of own dreams. She wonders will she be happy, where will she find her love, where she will settle and when will she settle. Which places will she see, how many people will she love, what kind of life will she live? She closes her eyes listens to the waves synchronizing with her heartbeat and she smiles.

She is 33. Her hair is wind mixed with salt and sand. Her skin tastes of first water drops after crossing the desert. Her skin is tender olive. Her light brown eyes warm up anyone soul. Soft smile touching her lips just before breaking into cracking laughter. She is “wild and gentle” at the same time. She is graceful and grateful. She has been through darkness, but always remained a gentle warrior. She chose kindness over hatred. Love over fear and she chose to build her life around the sea, sunshine and people she loves. And she knows how to love well, embracing and keeping her lovers free, because she has finally learned. That life is like the sea. Ever-changing, uncontrollable and beautiful. And love is the only thing to keep you surfing.

She is 67. She is a world traveller, but this her refuge. This island, where she is a stranger. She always wears white long dresses. Her hair is black with thick strokes of grey and her eyes are slanted. Not like the locals. Her skin is dark from the sun, and her body is still very slim. She is mostly silent, smiles a lot, gracefully wearing wrinkles around her eyes. Every morning she wakes up to meet the sunrise by the sea. Sits on the shore with her feet in sand and water. Walks a mile with her dog. Drinks her dark coffee at small coffee house with three tables and bar near her home. Writes. She is done fighting her battles. All is left to love and to record. All that remained is love. She is free.

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