Nurturing freedom in Cairo


Freedom to love 

There are people we have loved from before we remember. Longer, than always. Cairo is like that. It’s a place I have loved may be centuries ago. If that is feasible. It’s a city that haunted me for the last five years by being so unaccessible. Some journeys take days, some years, but at the end , it’s the journey that makes us who we are at the arrival.

Cairo met me with warm embrace, took me to the fanciest sights and showed off the Nile’s riverside. It was magnificent. Then she turned around to show me the poverty, the scarcity and how humane can humans be in the most inhumane conditions. It has it all. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The poor and rich. She loves them all, as mother, wishes them well, but can’t let go to be free.

Freedom, I have discovered is not something granted. You have to earn it and nurture it. Inside your head. Daily, by being exactly who you are and choosing to be exactly that, when people love or do not love you, when they know your worth or not, when their expectations match yours or not.  Freedom is the only condition to love, I have learned.

It took me some time to arrive to Cairo, I have lived through losses, fires, heartbreaks, betrayals, just to learn that love is endless. Just like then, at the very beginning , love is still there. All of it. And I will never run out of it. I just have to stay free.