Soundtrack to Brussels


So, we meet again, Brussels.

There is a singer with a soft, yet powerful voice, difficult destiny, poor eyesight and big heart. She writes music, as she breezes, every note touching the most sensitive parts of your soul. Her name is Melody Gardot. She sings, “So we meet again, my heartache” and so we meet again, Brussels.

Heavily institutionalised, grey and boring city for most of people, is full of whispered secrets and heartache to me. Again, life brought me back to Brussels to breath through my newest loss.

And see when it comes to losing parts of yourself, the most difficult thing is that you don’t know whether or how or when you will heal, you don’t even believe you will, but you can only hope. So you take your shuttered heart on a night walk under windy rain in Brussels and you make sure to breathe. Just you and your broken heart. Brussels does it masterfully. Makes you feel alone.

This city does no empathy, it does not offer its shoulder to cry your tears on. It only stares into your soul with its dark grey eyes and silently offers its caleidoscope, so you can look at things and see how surreal they are, so you can notice that the only way to escape this pain is painting your dreams, like Magritte did and listening to blues sang by someone, who knew sadness, like Melody.

So that I do and I see how beautiful this world is. As usual, unusual, but eternally beautiful, and I also hope that may be, just may be Brussels will be kinder, next time ūüėČ