Tasting eternity at Soh-Kol



My travel partners find me random. Because while travelling, I pull out my notebook, or phone and start making notes, as if I am losing my ability to write words. This is how I wrote in Soh-Kol, unfortunately,  the notes are lost. Fortunately, pictures are not.

This summer I took my second trip to Soh-Kol; again spontaneous, again with some amazing people, again right on time, as I came back from another challenging trip. See, some trips are meant for happy encounters and some for not such happy. So I left to Soh-Kol feeling anxious, worried about my future, my decisions, doubting the most recent BIG one.

I get to Soh-Kol after 8 hours ride on bumpy mountain road and I forgot. Instantly, all of my troubles did not matter anymore. You  have to see Soh-Kol, to know.

Soh-Kol is an old shepherd, who sits on the pasture and looks over his cattle all day long. He wakes up with the first ray of sun and can tell you a movement of each cloud. He knows every grass and bird here, by name. He is shy on words, he is mostly silent, smiles rarely and laughs even less. But when he laughs, you forget “which century you live in”. You remember yourself as a bird, as a stone, as an ancient man and amazon woman.

You remember that nothing last and nothing ever will go at the same time. You suddenly know everything about how to align your mind, heart and soul. You don’t need to align. It’s all one. You are all one with it. There is no future, no past and you are eternal.

You are at Soh-Kol and you are beyond it all;  the worries about tomorrow, doubts about accomplishment, they exist in different paradigm, somewhere at the altitude below 3000 metres above the sea.

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