The becoming


London in becoming

Life is a process of continuous becoming. We are doomed the day we think we are a finished product. If we are lucky, on the journey of becoming,  we find places, which mark our becoming, the change, the transformation we have gone through. It is only then, when we return to these places, we discover that the skin we were living in is shedding.That we are no longer the person we were, we are becoming.

Sometimes, for skin to shed it takes few months, few weeks or few years. I have returned to London after three years. London has changed, so did I. We looked at each other intently, searching for the footprints and marks we have left on each other. The air was thick, the gaze long. We remembered. London told me tales I have long forgotten.

It told me that I still smell the same way, but smile differently now. More gently, without showing my teeth. It told me I have changed. That perhaps I was a completely new person. And perhaps I knew about this new person as little as he did. I touched his skin and recognised the new wrinkles, the few grey hairs, I have noticed he is much lighter now, much easier on himself.

And then we parted, to go and to look for ourselves . Again. And to learn to love our new skins and to discover what we are becoming. Until next time, London!