The art of wandering


Somewhere in the world

There are people who go to travel to see things. You know, the Eifel Tower, the Luvre, the pyramids. And then there are those who wander. I like the wanderers. Because if you have never been lost, you have never been a traveller. There is something incomparable in being lost in completely new place by yourself. Being lost long enough to forget who you are, or who you think you are, what defines you and what restricts you. Only to follow your footsteps and your heartbeat to lead you to the new discoveries.

And so I discover. From every place I go I bring two folders of photographs. One of the place I have visited and one of my hidden treasures. Art pieces preserved in museums, painted on street walls and printed into the streets. The pieces of beautiful and tender creative expression. Nothing can teach you more about humans that what they have made at their very best. And nothing can teach you more about life then discovering and learning from these pieces.