On off-travel life


off-travel life

Today I will share a secret. The one most travellers know already. The biggest joy of travelling is not in travelling, it’s in reflecting. In savouring the unfamiliar new tastes and sensations once you get back to a place you call home and telling  the adventures to people you know as friends. Its in nostalgia and excitement for the next adventure.

This blog started as a travel blog at the times , when I travelled each weekend. Living in London of student stipend, I managed to save and to travel and when I returned there was always a place I haven’t yet discovered in London, where I went to write about my travel. So travelling was my life.

Now I have a whole life, apart from occasional travel. I get excited about new books, wine parties and rainy summer nights. I go stroll around the Indian fair in the mall next door and get a henna tattoo. I wait until people ask me “Did you get it here or went to India?” and just for a split second I am tempted to invent a recent travel to India. But then I admit that I got it at the mall. And it’s counted as my happiest moment of today. ( I am taking part in this #100happyday challenge. I mean, a month ago, the happiest moment was seeing a lake Baikal, today it’s getting a henna tattoo. Damn you, life !).

Travelling tips the weighs. Easy.

But here are some things in my off travel life, that come tiptoeing on travelling, friends:

– The books on creativity. Especially this one.

Elif Shafak. Everything about her.

– Khaled Hosseini’s new book. This man can write.

– My god daughter’s graduation party.

– Horseriding sessions (This one asks for a separate post)

– Random shopping. Lots of random shopping.

So today, instead of postcards from my travel you get glimpses on my everyday life captured on my iPhone camera. Stay tuned, folks.

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