Pilgrimage to Buratia

IMG_8623Once a year go to a place , you have never been to Ghandi said. So I did. This year it is Buratia, Eastern Russia. Being part of the Russian Federation , indigenous people of which are Asians, who speak a dialect of Mongolian and mostly Buddhist. Makes the place pretty drilling cocktail of experiences. As a bonus comes the view to Sayan mountain range and the deepest lake on the planet. 25 percent of world water supply. These are some facts.

But beyond the facts is the heritage of people, where centuries ago Kyrgyz tribes moved from to what is known to be modern Kyrgyzstan. Beyond facts is that Baikal is capable of blessing you or not. Beyond fact that almost nowhere you don’t feel so close to skies and you see things, but only if you have got the eyes to see.

Like any pilgrimage this one was full of challenges (askezas), each carefully chosen to teach me a lesson. Like any pilgrimage it had the beginning and the end. But between the starting and ending point there was transformation.

I learned preservance as I walked up 2000 kms up the Munku Sardyk. I learned kindness as I was confronted with limitations of my freedom. I learned the gentle ways of going through life as I watched Margritte paint the skies blue in Irkutsk.

But mostly I have realized how blessed and gifted I am with freedom , love and endless possibilities.

Well, thank you for lessons, Baikal. I hope to see you again.

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