Some lessons on healing from Istanbul

IMG_2700There are times when we need healing. And there are times , when we discover that we need more healing. Well, essentially, we always need more healing, when we arrive to a point of understanding that we are essentially broken.

When I discovered it first, I was in Istanbul trying to talk out my deepest fears to Bosphorus. Bosphorus, I learned, knows how to keep secrets that I can’t tell to anyone else. Even to myself. Bosphorus also knew how to preserve them safely, so I no longer would carry them along my journey.

So the secrets stayed with Bosphorus and I left the town with a renewed sense of freedom. Because, the freedom worth it all and because I had to save myself. Since then, Bosphorus is an old friend. The dearest friend, always welcoming me with Turkish chai and sutlac. Since then Bosphorus is a keeper of my hidden treasures.

I am not by Bosphorus, but this spring is special, I have never learned so fast and so many things at once. It’s a jump. I fear the jumps, the bumps and mood swings. But I am learning to realise that although  we all are essentially broken,  sometimes we don’t really need fixing. We just need to love. Again.

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