The Humans. And New York


Missed Connection

If I were to describe my trip to New York with one word that would be: overwhelming. The skyscrapers, the subway, the people, the speed and the smells. Gosh, New York is smelly; it smells of  burning rubber, sweat, expensive perfume, hot dogs, flowers , dog shit , dump subways and food . It smells of life and people.

People make New York a city jungle, they fill it up, move around it, build it, live in it, fall in love in it and expand. People also learn to be their fastest, their toughest, their strongest and sometimes their most kind in New York city.

While I was in New York,  every day at least one stranger would talk to me: offering help, love advice or just telling a story . A story of their life, of their failure or their victory. In city so full of people, the human kindness is the most expensive of goods.

But when you come across it in a little kosher sandwich shop when you watch two 80-year-olds kiss, in Central Park during an indie music festival as someone gives you a flower , in a subway , in a taxi, as driver takes the shorter route it’s special.  “Being kind is true art”, friends;)

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