The magical land of White Lions

The red soil of Kalahari

The red soil of Kalahari

Its been two months since my trip to South Africa and after being thrown back into daily routine of urgent calls, important appointments and all the pleasures of hectic city life, I finally made time to sort out my images.  Still each image  perfectly impossible.  South Africa made me a believer of impossible.

In “Lonely Planet” guide for South Africa there is a beginning quote that says : “God visits everywhere on Earth, but lives in Africa” and that sums my first African experience up. The place of full of wonders, each animal perfect in its grace, each person unique and bright in their ways, each land full of legends and each name is full of crackling magic. Almost impossible kind of magic.

My trip consisted of going to Johannesburg, Kalahari desert, Timbavati and Cruger Park. My days were filled with visiting African elders in between morning and evening lion checks. They were 8 of them. All white and each beautiful. Seeing them at arm length, watching giraffes nurse baby giraffes, getting up for sunrise, listening to Hawaiian flute around the fire in evenings. I think I have found my meditation “get away” place for life.

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