I will see you soon, London!

DSCN0011When you are blessed with a chance to go and to live in other places, you are also cursed to never be complete again; leaving a piece of your heart elsewhere. I left if not half, then definitely a quarter of mine to London, and yet it only makes me more complete.

London once and forever changed me as person and enabled me to experience true love. Love that you don’t know to be mutual, love with no guarantees; even now I have no idea whether London misses me back. I am probably just one of millions people, who have fallen in love with its rainy charm, sound laughter, wicked humor, good manners, and extraordinary straightforwardness and truthfulness. Perhaps I am just one of thousands, who found themselves in London, being reborn in its grey eyes, daydreaming in its gloomy light, experiencing the bitter sweetness of unconditional love, fighting it back, pushing it forward, falling in love all over again while people-watching, dancing in the rain, taking giant leaps of faith, over-trusting, breaking my heart, learning, and finding, seeing and knowing to become more than I have ever been.

London tested me, trusted me, let me in and never let me out. So did I never let hold of it. I gave a large part of my heart to it in return it made me who I am today. It taught me my worth. So today all I have to say to London is THANK YOU AND I WILL SEE YOU SOON!