Closing and opening doors in Brussels

A door to close, a door to open

A door to close, a door to open

My list of favorite things about Brussels is way too long. Being the first European city I have ever visited, I have learned it inside out. My Brussels is about  Christmas markets, Elvis Presley’s songs,  white chocolate, first times, loving, longing , but most of all about learning. Mainly learning about doors and courage.

It’s is in Brussels that my understanding of the doors shaped, formed and expanded. Brussels taught me how important it is to have courage to open some doors, courage to close some, to have patience when doors are closed and to have gratitude when they are open. But most of all it taught me the importance of courage to be honest with  yourself about wanting to open the door when you are right in front of it.

Brussels showed me that there is always a door; a door to close and a door to open, and you got to have courage to see the difference and make that move.

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