“I am inspired by where I have been”


You raise me up. Khiva, 2013

Travelling is not just about exploring a new place; it is also about exploring yourself.  When traveling you encounter, discover and challenge the ideas you have formed both about the world and yourself.

Choosing a destination you never know what is waiting for you there; sometimes it’s happy reunions with long lost friend, sometimes its falling in love from the first sight with a stranger, sometimes it’s a challenge to embrace an unfriendly host, sometimes it’s a test of your worthiness and sometimes its about finding yourself.

Often traveling is also about facing your deepest fears and insecurities, learning about your strengths and weaknesses, testing your truthfulness, challenging your own ideas and principles, and most of all about exercising gratitude.

Gratitude for getting to your destination, for making the way, for having the opportunity to be there, for the life you have, for the things you are pursuing , for the things you are learning and exploring, for the challenges you are facing and for what you are and what you are becoming. Thus,  this post is my way of acknowledging my gratitude to all the places I have ever been to.

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