Making Magic in Uzbekistan

IMG_7940Expectations management.  Something I have been learning to do since I have entered adulthood.  A lot of it was about exploring myself and the world around me,  it was about learning to know people that come into my life, before letting them into my heart. It was about making arrangements and checking all the routes for safety and capacity; waiting to estimate the level of possible exposure. It was about learning to be wise and doing it in right ways. The life.

Trip to Uzbekistan was organized profoundly intuitively.  Decision-making, choosing dates,  arranging routes, opening it up, seeing it, learning about it, watching its people, seeing the good things, noticing the bad things, exploring it.  Going there blank-minded, just carrying the very core of myself, being open, being vulnerable and expecting. Expecting a lot, letting myself to dream, to make plans, big plans, believing in good luck, making room for wonderful things.  Like magic.

And it came; the reassurance, the vision, the insight and magic was being made, as I made my way. As I woke up to sunrise in Khiva, walked up the roof of the ancient building, danced with the sun, looked into the green eyes of local beauties, listened to their children’s laughter, let the gentle men cover me up with chapans as darkness of the night enveloped the tapchans and drank a lot of tea watching the gleam of my friend’s eyes, in love.

By the time I have arrived to Bukhara and to Tashkent and later to Bishkek I knew the magic did not stay in Khiva, it traveled back with me, it was me – with the newly gained courage to be seen.  To be really seen.

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