Guest post: Thailand quest

2013-01-31 18.08.48I know nothing about Thailand , but somehow it’s on my radar lately. One friend is going there for a year, another friend wants to get married there, another one just got back from there, so there are all those talks about petting tigers and riding elephants in Thailand.  There is not much what I can tell from it really, but my friend Anastacia Lee can share her experiencing of questing Thailand. Enjoy !

I can’t say that Thailand was a country I dreamed of but it became a country where I first time got a feeling I’d like to make this place my homeland. I left a small part of my heart there. The country of contrasts, country of smiles and night life, country of full of harmony people, amazing massage and a lot of sun.  During my trip to Pattaya I sensed the taste of children’s curiosity again; so many questions appeared day after day in my head.

Question #1:  Where does the food go?

I had a chance to observe how Thailand celebrates Chinese New Year. Every house, hotel, massage salon, shop exposed different types of dishes on the street in front of figurines of Buddha to show their abundance and wealth. But when I returned from travelling around I saw empty plates and bottles. I asked local people and they replied that Gods got their presents. And only almost at the end of my trip friendly massager satisfied my curiosity. She explained that people cook food and prepare drinks, put them in front of the figurines to consecrate food and drinks by Gods. After God’s sanctification they eat all food by themselves… No mystery… oops…

Question#2: I haven’t seen any pregnant Thai woman during my trip. Why? Where are they?

Nobody could reply me to this question.  But I think that it’s just because Pattaya is touristic city and all pregnant women are based somewhere out of touristic zones. My logic whispers this kind of answer… If you will find better and cleverer answer – please let me know.

Question#3: Everybody smiles there… I mean local people. Why? What makes them so happy?

The answer is on surfaces –they just don’t hurry up anywhere. It’s like Thai kind of Italian “Dolce far niente” – the satisfaction from doing nothing. They don’t hurry up to wake up to early, to reply to your emails, to get any information right now and etc… They just enjoy this life every day and every minute. You can’t imagine but common massager at Thai massage salon gets 100 – 150 Baht (2-3 USD) per 1 hour of hard working which she shares with the owner of the salon. She works 10-12 hours per day, 7 days per week. She sleeps at the same place where she works. But she looks so happy and full of harmony… She is so perfect… You wonder why having much more comfort and opportunities, money, power, better conditions of life and you can’t reach this happiness. You try to find something which went wrong. You think out new words like “depression” to find an excuse you can’t enjoy what you have now and today. Thai people can and it’s precious.