Discovering what comes after sun goes down

IMG_4051If you have ever watched a sunset in your life, you should know that feeling of  beautiful sadness and overwhelming awe that takes over your whole being.  The sadness of the feeling when something beautiful coming to its end, the mesmerizing surprise of something whole dissolving , the feeling of the passing moment. So we watch, losing  ourselves in that yellow star.

But it’s after the sun going down, when mortality exposes itself to its fullest. The laps of time make their inevitable circles, giant watches count out another dimension of time and at these moments eternity touches upon your short , passing and very human life.

The last months were not much about travelling, discovering or exploring… They were about reconsidering, rethinking, relearning, and most importantly about  RE-discovering and RE-exploring.  It was the time after sun going down and I have to tell you, it’s not easy to see things anew without the sun lighting them up. But it’s possible. And what is discovered perhaps has even more value.

So, I urge you! Wherever you are, watch the sunsets and especially watch carefully after the sun goes down…

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