“Easy silence” at Issyk-Kul

???????????????????????????????“I come to find the refugee in the easy silence that you make for me” that’s all there is to say about my weekend away at Issyk-Kul’s shore.

For those of you, who don’t know, Issyk-Kul is the second deepest lake in the world (after Baikal) and it’s also one of the highest lakes of the world, on1,607 metres (5,272 ft) above the sea level. It’s called so for its non-freezing nature; meaning “hot lake” if directly translated into English.

But away from geographical features, for me it always has been and will always remain a place I come to find my “easy silence”.  The silence I need, when there are too many words to be said, spoken out or heard…

It’s a beautiful feeling, friends, when you have that special one, who will be silent with you and that will just enough.

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