“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”. In Moscow.

DSCN0263Camus said with his quote about “invincible summer” more about my trip to Moscow than I ever will. Cheers to him and cheers to the Moscow, people~!

I spent only a day in Moscow, a day worth thousand days though, because it taught me a lot about who I am and just a little about Moscow.

They were right. All these Moscow-haters. Moscow was grumpy, grey and weary, weary of lengthy winter, weary of too many stressed out people in its subways, weary of day to day struggles. It looked at me with tired eyes of ticket officer in its airport that just carried out a night shift. It spoke to me with tired voice of shop keeper telling me the directions, who had to commute from a suburb to city centre to open a shop on time. It didn’t smile at me, it didn’t acknowledge me. I was one among many. Not because I wasn’t special. But because it was tired and sleepy.

It stayed that way; in rush, unfriendly, but sincere. And as a day went on, I looked closely into its eyes, I smiled at its strangers over and over again, I made sure to pay attention to its small gestures. And then I saw it. The summer, the invincible one, in people, in buildings, in cafes, in clothing.I saw the warmth, the hidden smile, the sound laughter. I have learned that Moscow doesn’t easily grant it’s favours, you have to deserve. The hard way. It hides its treasures, you have to look for them. It can be mistakenly boring or dull , but the dimple on the cheek gave it away.

It told me all about short, but sunny summer, about breezy summer evenings and sun kissed summer mornings, it told about how summer lingers in the city for the rest of the grey year. It told me about anticipation. And I found that summer in Moscow and in myself, I smiled at it. I knew it’s there, waiting for its turn even on the coldest and greyest of winter days. I saw it in my friend, the hot summer air and light summer dresses, I smiled at her and I knew that she knew about summer too!

Well, Moscow, I guess I will just have to come back in the summer to you! ūüėČ

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