Take me back to Barcelona

DSCN0862It’s okay to be lost, moreover living a life is about getting and being lost. But it’s not so easy to remember it. Really. So there are days, when I feel tired and that is when I wish of going back to Barcelona.

Barcelona perhaps is the only place on Earth , where nothing, but the sea matters. In Barcelona my heart stops searching, thinking , worrying – it rests.  Some many years ago, I have watched “Knocking on the Heaven’s Door” for the first time , but then I haven’t seen the sea yet. So, I couldn’t grasp the idea of talking about the sea in heaven. Then I went to Barcelona – and I finally got it.

Sea is what defines Barcelona, despite its every outstanding features, sea is its soul. Endless and grand; an inevitable evidence of eternity. Standing next to that Sea, you catch your breath and suddenly know that everything will pass and strangely it feels alright. Then you pick up your sandals and barefeet, exposed under that sun walk towards human attempts to reach the eternity. And I have to tell you, if some one has succeeded in it , that was Gaudi. And even incompleteness of Sagrada La Famila can not underestimate it.  You inhale the euphoria full of laughther and sunshine, you giggle bumping into tourists, stare at beautiful Spanish women and know that no matter how far the sea is , while you hear it all will be alright.

I honestly miss you, Barcelona and there is nothing more I wish for these days as to end up by your Sea! But I will be back soon. Promise.

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