Choking on happiness in London

DSCN6875Meeting the one you love, after long- time-no- see is always a test. A test for how true, stable and worthy the feelings are. It’s always a test for how true you or the party is. It’s a test for love. But when is happens in a right way there is nothing that as amazing and fulfilling. And you walk around drunk with happiness.

It’s been months since I saw London’s grey skyline, heard gloomy, but exceptionally polite directions of its people on its streets, caught eyes of strangers walking down its markets, wrapped myself with smiles of hundreds of people smiling at each other in the tube. It’s been months since I rode a Routemaster, people –watched at Charing Cross or starred at Thames from Tate’s fifth floor. So I was nervous thinking whether I have set my expectations too high, whether I have changed beyond allowing myself to fall in love a little,  whether London has grown strange and will not be able to embrace me in its arms.

But then when I finally set my foot at Heathrow, I knew immediately that everything was on its place, and it was right. London stayed amazing, and it was waiting and yes, it’s still took my breath away. So I sang, I sang along the lines about “being choking on happiness” and for the first time, I have understood what that line really meant.

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