Guest post: Moscow is a witch

IMG_4493Moscow is probably the place I have avoided most in my life. The thing about it that I love Russian culture, Russian literature, Russian language, well Russian anything basically. But Moscow and all I hear about it these days just leaves to wish the best. “It’s the harshest place on Earth, utterly overpriced, full of rude Russians, who will mistreat you, especially if you are Central Asian”, they say…

When you hear this day to day, even realizing it can’t be all true, your fear that part of something you loved for years: Russian culture might turn out not as good grows bigger. But thanks to my friend, Lazarina Kuchmenova, who found her own Moscow, now it’s on my “to visit soon list”.

“Moscow is slightly insane, but it’s good! It’s like thirty-something woman, who does not want to grow old and stretches over herself slim jeans and over makes up))) She has her drawbacks in the form of pimples and beginning to turn gray hair, but still is very attractive!
Moscow is a gorgeous mess, so you love and hate this city at the same time and get all of it right back.

Definitely Moscow has female psychology, bad temper, and always hesitating soul and mood swings all year round.

Moscow – is like a witch playing with souls. If she like you – you are lucky, if not, you have to earn her favour. I hope not to anger her with this suggestion, but I think she likes me))) and I am taking this opportunity to express my gratitude to Moscow! Like any witch, Moscow has many faces, a different one for each person. Come over and I’ll introduce you to her!”

NB: Click on pictures to view larger. All pictures are copyright of Lazarina Kuchmenova