Have yourself a merry little Christmas !

cover pictureChristmas is my favorite season. No exaggeration. You can tell me as much as you want about the commercialization of the purer idea and all those crazy shoppers floating shopping streets and malls in haunt for trendiest gifts. I know all about it, but still love Christmas with every particle of my heart. I utterly love every little bit of it.

I love a polka dot wrapping paper or a tasteless yellow one with green Christmas trees on it. A smell of hot wine and sausages on Christmas markets; the fairies, and ice-skating rinks, people foolishly laughing into faces of strangers, standing in cold weather and giggling over own silly jokes. I love pink dancing shoes, snowflakes falling into my waffles, I love to be guided by the smell of hot chocolate into small busy coffee shops.

But most of all what I love about Christmas is its spirit. I love how people are in exceptional need and search for love and miracle the days Christmas is approaching. I actually love that agitating and anxious feeling of missing or giving love over Christmas.

This year is different. I am in the part of the world, where people don’t celebrate Christmas. They barely know about the Christmas, which makes me love Christmas even more. So this post if for you, my dear Christmas – lovers from all over the world. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, everyone!

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