The Different Prague

This guest post is unusual.  It’s not about the city I don’t know.  I have been to Prague. I just did not have a decent camera with me, hence did not take any pictures. But what I didn’t fail to do in Prague is to fall in love with it.

 It breezed on me with warm smell of hot chocolate on its Christmas market, it poured on me generous snowflakes, so rarely seen in Europe, it amused me with Czech language so similar and yet so different from Russian, which I speak. Prague also invited me into its castles, museums, and so familiar looking Soviet bloc buildings and loud pubs, while keeping me surprised by how familiar and strange this city seemed.  I left with one thought, I should come back again.

Since then every time I meet someone who went to Prague I speak of it with a dream of soon going back.  Ulukbek Usmanov shared my enthusiasm for Prague, but for completely different reasons.  I was even wondering if we went to the same city when he spoke of it. He managed to capture in a brief guest post, the striking difference that can occur in the perception of the same city. And yes, he took some great pictures of Prague. Enjoy!
– Greets! Would you like to go for a walk? I want to show you beautiful castles, churches and bridges. I know you love the gothic architecture.
– No.
– Why not?
– Every day you say, that you will show me the locks and bridges and architecture, and it all ends with clubs, pubs and strippers.
– So shall we get straight to the beer then?

NB: Click on pictures to view larger. All images are copyright of Ulukbek Usmanov