Uncovering mysteries of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is told to be one of the most haunted cities on the Earth, but not when you arrive in the middle of two large comedy, music, arts and book festivals; during which quite small Edinburgh is swollen almost by ten times and filled with last drops of summer sunshine, festive mood, loud music and crowded tourists, hunting for cashmere and Scottish whiskey in between festival venues.

Looking around this definitely good looking, vibrant, hip and cutting edge modern city I was slightly bewildered, trying to find traces of its dark historical past and whatever the reasons are for it to be called haunted.

And then I found it: it was right above one of the public toilets. A Mason sign, indicating a few-centuries- old-but-currently-functioning- Mason-lodge. It casually stood there right in the city center; across the touristic sandwich place and above the place of public convenience.

Few hours later when the night came along after we grabbed a pizza in a Gothic –church- turned- into-a- night-club, we suddenly came across a midnight ghost tour, which led us straight into a heart of plaque-torn-sixteenth-century-Edinburgh. As our guide told us stories of deaths of one hidden underground house, we have learned more of how people lived, survived and died in Edinburgh of the past and wondered what else does that city hides.

And finally, it rained, that’s when Edinburgh really revealed its secrets, when fog and rain came along and its casually gothic architecture suddenly sharpened its edges and air got filled with sprits of the past, playfully showing that what you see we see is just a top of an iceberg, and proving it by uncovering some of Edinburgh’s mysteries in reflections of windows.

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