To London and its people

Today once again I was asked, why do I love London so much… I can’t really give a short and elaborate answer, there are too many things I love it for: its character, its views, its vibe, its uniqiness, its cultural scene and its people. But perhaps, the main reason is that  London became the first city I ever wrote poems to. I think that worth the love.

To London and its people (on a bus ride from Victoria to Kilburn station)

You spoke to me in dozens of tongues

The ones I didn’t comprehend

You looked at me with thousand of eyes

On streets, when people passed me by

You  shared with me so many secrets

Of strangers; who came here to stay

Who had to leave, who had to fight

Just to survive another day

You showed to me so many dreams

That came and didn’t yet come true

They floated over Sussex Gardens

They flew above the Abbey Road

And sometimes they spoke to me…

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