Everything is alright in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous rather for vicious reasons than for its virtues, but that is not how it feels there at all. On the contrary you suddenly find yourself entangled in a very relaxed and accepting mood of the city, where everything really serves the people and anything is alright and accepted.

 Nice, kind and full of polite people gay parade is normal, dutifully taxpaying sex-workers are normal, educational sex museums are normal, open air public toilets are normal, curtain less windows in glass apartments are normal, coffee-shops which serve hash-brownies, only hash-brownies as a matter of fact, also suddenly feel like nothing out of ordinary. It all feels right. As if that was the only way you knew before.

And you don’t find yourself going crazy as you thought you would in dropping-jaw free city, but rather relaxed and happy in all accepting mood, swinging Bob Marley’s “everything little thing is gonna be alright”, while being taken around by city’s festive mood.

And then you walk into a random juice shop, attracted by Dalai Lama’s sayings on its windows, and the shopkeeper confirms it. “It’s gonna be alright, he says, giving you a sticker that says “Have a nice 7-day”, you just have to let go of all your worries and fly like a bird…” And you know he is not lying, everything can only be alright in Amsterdam.

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