Faces of Istanbul

Most of the people I ask to write guest posts for my blog tell me that at first they find it challenging to envision cities as people. Not me.

Each city introduces itself to me in numerous faces of passers by, in occasional smiles of strangers, in children’s laughter heard in random parks and accidental glimpses into strangers’ windows. These faces and voices come together to create the city’s image.

Sometimes it’s a very defined image of one single person, who stroke me most of all, like Rene Margritte in Brussels, sometimes the image is blurry and I have to look into its face harder like in Prague.  Sometimes people shape the city like in Amsterdam and sometimes it is the city that shapes the people like in Paris.

Each city is different in its tastes, smells, vibes and most of all in its faces.  Here are few faces of Istanbul.

NB: Click on the pictures to view larger. All images are copyright of Panda Discovers.