Love is all around in Cinque Terre

 There are two phrases I have heard about Cinque Terre, which probably describe my feelings for it better than anything.

“So places like this actually exist…”  one of my friends said, while she was looking through my pictures of Cinque Terre and “How can one be in a place like this and not believe in love?” a friend, with whom I travelled to Cinque Terre, said, while we were hiking between two villages.  Both are true… places like that….there are no words to describe it… exist and it’s impossible to not believe in love when you see it.

I am not talking about romantic kind of love, but about love that is “all around” us: between parents and children, friends, strangers, love to life, love to hometown,  basically love to everything around us is especially higly concentrated in Cinque Terre, and expressed in all the prayers said, in all the little locks of friendship and love, in all the ties of fabric, wishing well to loved-ones there.

Perhaps love is “all around” in Cinque Terre simply because everything that is around  in Cinque Terre  is soooo beautiful and love worthy that it is impossible not to love everything right back.

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